Innovation Engineering

We're a full-stack technology consulting company.
We partner with you to design, build, & launch your next "big" thing.

Technology Strategy
Technology Transformation
Mobile Technology
Upgrade Your Business

Upgrade Your Business

We will help you automate business processes, go mobile, cut costs, attract customers, & increase revenue.

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

We will help you tell your story, create real relationships, connect with your customers, and build a brand that lasts. 

Build In Digital

Build In Digital

We help you start or build your business
with digital technology at it's core to maximize your opportunities.

We're a full-stack technology company


Web-Application Development

Web-application and SaaS platform development from design to development, launch, then support 

Web Development

Websites, landing pages, squeeze pages, solo ads, and more. From the complex to the simple, we'll get you out there

Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, and Web-app design & development along with store submissions & support

Operations Automation

We take the redundant & costly processes and automate them to create high ROI opportunities

Data Automation

Clean your customer data, identify market opportunities, content aggregation, or apply natural language parsing in realtime

Business Technology Strategy

We help you apply the right technology at the right time to solve the right problems regardless of your business size

What do we do?

We get to work for you from day one to employ every aspect of digital technology today - business automation, mobile applications, web development, social media, big data, little data, AI, & machine learning - to create and execute YOUR digital strategy. 

Who We've Done It For

Featured Project is the worlds conversation archive.
A case study in applied technologies.

Amazon Web Services

We utilize a wide array of AWS offerings including server-less tech like Lamda, Aurora, S3, CodePipeline and more.

Always Accessible

For data to be useful, it has to be accessible. We are providing several interfaces to the analysis of all real-time data collected.

Built To Scale

Built to Scale

We've been using server-less technology to allow the services to scale without suffering any hiccup in speed or availability. 

Harmonious Technology

From Node.js to PHP, from python to Lua. We apply the best tech for the task at hand and empower them to work together. Harmoniously.                         

Technology Strategy

We'll join your team to whiteboard, design, develop, and support your next product or service through it's entire lifecycle. We bring distruptive ideas to life.

Whiteboard & Design

Collaborate with our market & business experts to whiteboard, test, and refine your ideas.

Develop & Launch

We build lean and fast to bring ideas to life as prototypes and MVP's that help test concepts and iterate over feedback.

Support & Scale

We go beyond launch to help support and improve your ideas through to market fit and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Technology Transformation

Boost operational efficiency & cut costs through the use of technology to transform your business.

Start your business upgrade today

The hard truth is that most established small-midsized companies today are 10-15 years behind in the use of technology in their operations and in delivering their services.

The good news is that any investment in the application of technology & digital strategy within your company can lead to huge gains in operational effeciency and revenue.

We'll help you upgrade every aspect of your business and stay updated with the latest in cloud, hybrid cloud, operations automation, AI, and more.

Business Automation


New Digital Services


Cloud Migration


Logistics Optimization


Mobile Strategy

A mobile first strategy, at it's core, is about understanding that the dominant platform today is the mobile phone. From there, it's about refactoring your company, services, and products to capitalize on this reality.

  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - We empower your company to connect on mobile, engage on mobile, sell on mobile, and deliver on mobile.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - We help you simplify your company vision to make it easy and simple for customers to find you, engage you, and pay you.
  3. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES - We focus on delivering results that work on mobile across the board - content, applications, creatives, products, and services

Featured Project

SocialPluck is the first & only free platform for authentic audience growth on mobile for iOS and Android

Grow an authentic audience on the go

Grow a targeted and authentic audience using SocialPluck. Pinpoint your audience by keyword and profession to follow and grow your exact audience. Using intelligent algorithms, you will find people in any niche categorized by profession and sorted by influence. Follow all or pick and choose to suit your growth goals.

SocialPluck is a simplified and streamlined approach to growing an authentic audience while you're on the go.

SocialPluck for authentic audience growth


Take your vision and add our expertise and you'll go from dreaming to doing.
Next year, at this time, you'll wish you had started today.


Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open. 

We're excited at the opportunity found in augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR). The future of these technologies is bright and we're making strides in delivering solutions around all platforms.

We are makers with a passion for creating innovative digital products, platforms, and solutions.

From a philosophical standpoint, I believe in going hard and fast to get things into the hands of customers as fast as possible and perfect product through a consistent schedule of feedback and iteration. My +25 years in engineering and business has taught me success is a marathon, not a sprint and I'm with you the whole way.

Jose Cotto


Owner / Founder


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